Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Person Application Set

Last weekend I attended a four day intensive with two of my teachers, deepening my understanding of Taijiquan and specifically the two person application set. More will be posted.

I learned this set 13 years ago and have been playing it since then. It was great to get a fresh look at it from my teachers after they have 13 years of refinement. It is elegant, refined and effective. I am still digesting much of the new material. Expect to hear more about it. Real Taijiquan.

Friday, May 1, 2009

How to piss off your training partner

I thought this blog by Wim Demeere was pretty appropriate. I have seen a few of these things myself, even in Taiji classes. I guess two person work is two person work.

How to Piss Off Your Training Partner, Part 1
By Wim .

I first wanted to name this guide “How to Piss Off your Training Partner and Get Your Butt Whipped” but figured that might be a bit excessive… Not everything in my top three list will get you beat up in class, so some moderation is in order. But this behavior does often result in the offender getting either a beating, a couple of nasty blows under the radar or at the very least the training partner doesn’t want to play anymore. In a way, this guide is the opposite of this one about how to train at a new martial arts school or gym. read the rest here